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Welcome to the Smart  Handbag.  These are original handbag designs I created because I got tired of making an entire handbag every time I wanted to try a new embellishing technique or machine embroidery design.  Thus the Smart Handbag was born.   With this simple technique, I could make a few basic handbags (black, denim, tan), and then have fun making covers. 

The Grace Smart, the Eliza Jane Smart, and the Julie Smart handbags are all complete stand-alone handbags.  Then the look can be changed completely by simply slipping a "slipcover" over the bottom of the handbag.  The band at the top hides the top edge of the cover and the method of attaching the cover.  No one will ever know that the cover is removable unless you tell them. 

The Cookie Smart handbag is smaller and has a removable flap for embellishing.  It has an outside pocket on the back which hides the buttons that hold the flap on.

I felt that other sewers and quilters would enjoy this idea, so I wrote the instructions, along with illustrations, and packaged the pattern.  I began showing it to sewing/quilt shop owners and it has been very well received.  It is now carried in over 170+ shops.   These shop owners recognized that this is the perfect small palette for experimentation. Cover ideas include: applique, needle punching, machine embroidery, monogrammed, bobbin work, couching, quilted, patchwork, Seminole, chevron,  photo transfer, and on and on.

The original Smart Handbag, Grace Smart, was introduced in June, 2005.  Our second pattern was introduced in March, 2006, which is a larger tote bag named  Eliza Jane Smart.   Our third pattern is a smaller bag named Cookie Smart, and was introduced in March, 2008.  Our forth pattern, named Dolly Smart,  is a multi-sectioned bag and was introduced in March, 2009.  Our fifth pattern, Julie Smart, is a clear vinyl tote with a reversible cover, and was introduced in October, 2009.





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