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Q.   What do you charge for shipping & handling?
A.   We charge a flat $2.00 shipping & handling to anywhere for single patterns.  We have packaged deals if you want to order more than 1 pattern, you will save on the pattern price and the shipping & handling.  We mail the next business day through the US post office from Florida, 1st-class for US orders, and air mail for international orders.
Q.   What if I don't have a credit card or use PayPal?
A.   We prefer payment through PayPal.  This way your order will be shipped the next business day.  We will accept a money order in US funds for the pattern price plus the shipping & handling charge shown on the order page.  Be sure to include your name, shipping address, and pattern number you want. ( #201, #302, #403, #509 or #601)

Mail to:

  The Smart Handbag  
  P.O. Box 524  
  Flagler Beach, FL  32136-0524  
Q.   Does your pattern include pattern pieces?
A.   The Grace and Eliza Jane patterns do not. They contain a chart with detailed pattern piece dimensions, and a cutting diagram showing the most efficient layout of the pieces. Our patterns are sold mostly in quilt shops, and these people are used to using a rotary cutter, ruler, and mat.  The Dolly and Julie patterns are just rectangles, so dimensions are given.  The Cookie pattern does contain the pattern pieces, since the bag and flaps have unique shapes.  
Q.   Does the pattern include instructions for the bag and covers?
A.   The Grace, Eliza Jane, and Julie patterns include complete instructions, with illustrations, to make a stand-alone handbag and additional covers, which are optional.
Q.   Can I make items for sale from your patterns?
A.   Originally my response was “I am happy that you like my design, but my patterns are intended for personal enjoyment only, not to produce items for resale”.  I took this position based upon what I have seen in the industry.  But I have had a change of heart.  I am very flattered that so many of you like my patterns.  My new policy is as follows:  You may use my pattern to make a limited number of items for resale to friends, acquaintances, or at small local craft shows.   However, I do require that you include my business name and website on a hangtag, card, or insert.   I am NOT giving permission to mass-produce items, or to sell them on the Internet, auction sites or flea-markets. 




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