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I learned to sew when I was a child and have always enjoyed it!  Once I got married and started a career, I didn't have much time for sewing.  In 1998, after my mother's death, I quit work to become a caregiver for my father. That is when I got into quilting.


I have always loved pocketbooks, as we used to call them, and so when I saw purse patterns in the sewing/quilt shops, I bought them and made lots of bags. 


My first pattern was named after my  grandmother, Grace Smart.  She had a Singer treadle machine and sewed all of her own clothes.  My mother and I made all of my clothes until I went off to college.


Since my second Smart Handbag is larger than the first, I have named it after my great-grandmother, Eliza Jane Smart. 


My third Smart Handbag is the smallest one and I have named it after my mother, whose nickname was Cookie. 


My forth Smart Handbag is another small one and I have named it after my great-aunt, whose nickname was Dolly. 


My fifth Smart Handbag goes back to the idea of a base bag with slip-covers over the bottom.  It is named after my cousin Julie Smart.


Georgia Caruso



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